Fast and Easy Work Tent Set-Up

The Pop'n'Work Ground Tent can be set up from the inside by one person. With a folded shelter lying on the ground, just lift the doorway roof strut, step inside and pop out the two radial side frames with a sharp push on the radial hinges.

Two people can set up the shelter even faster with each person pulling on a windline. FX Tents require the additional step or adjusting the "X" Frame Rods.

The Pop'n'Work Product Line Includes:

  • Aerial Shelters
  • Aerial Covers
  • Van/Ground Shelters
  • Splicing Shelters
  • Mahole Shelters
  • Ground Transmission Shelters
  • Umbrellas
  • Splash Curtains for Manhole Gate Guards
  • Covers with Pop-Up Frames for Manhole Gate Guards
  • Pedestal Protection Bags


1-2-3 Your Ready to Work!

image link to view setup - take down videoimage - it's as easy as 1-2-3
black and white photo of group of work tents
image link to download pdf file
image link to view features and options