The Ped-Pal Work Shelter

photo of Ped-Pal Work Shelter for Small Work Sites

The Ped-Pal is designed to provide simple, low-cost weather protection. It's ideal for pedestal work and similar bad weather tasks. The Ped-Pal sets up easier than an umbrella and is about half the cost of a larger work tent.

Lightweight and compact, its folded length is about 42" and fits easily into small trucks and vans. Larger sizes are available.

Perfect for Small Work Sites

The Ped-Pal has a pop-out frame in the back wall and two telescoping legs in the front wall. This tent has a white, weatherproof cover providing plenty of visibility and a zipper door. Easily secured in windy conditions, the Ped-Pal has a 4' x 4' base and is approximately 5' to it's peak.

Pop out the rear frame and extend the front legs - your Ped-Pal is ready to use!

photo of Ped-Pal in casephotoof the Ped-Pal

PedPal Spec Sheets

PedPal 1 / PedPal 2