Ground Strut Tent Design

In 1988, we introduced the Pop'n'Work Ground Strut Tent. In 1994, major design improvements were developed and implemented which made the Ground Strut Tent remarkably simple and rugged.

photo of Ground Strut TentQuick Set Up: Just pop out two fiberglass side frames.

Free Standing Stability: With the cover fastened to the ground struts, tent stability is exceptional. It will not blow over in windy conditions.

Two Door Models: With the ground strut design, tents with two doors are possible. A two-door tent can be used more efficiently in many work situations, particularly on cabinets and when pole wrapping is required.

Pitched Roof: Provides extra headroom and structural strength to hang heavy tools or lights.

diagram of unified frame for ground strut tentEasy Cover Replacement: A unified frame design allows for quick cover removal or installation, significantly reducing tent costs.

Non-breakable Hinges: Made of cold rolled steel and all frame rods are bolted at both ends.

Flex Tent Design

As a result of the demand to fit special ground tent needs, in 1992 we developed and introduced the Pop'n'Work Flex Tent.

photo of Flex TentThe Flex Tent is also designed for quick setup and exceptional free-standing stability, and it has the advantage of a pitched roof and a unified frame. The frame has non-breakable hinges and is designed for quick cover replacement.

The Flex Tent has no ground struts. Instead, it has a telescoping X-frame in the back wall which extends or retracts automatically as you pop the sidewall frames in or out. The X-frames provides four additional features:

Fits Into Tight Spots: The telescoping X-frame allows you to squeeze your tent into smaller spaces.

diagram of unified frame Flex TentIdeal for Splicing: The flexible frame makes it possible to set the tent over cables and other obstructions. It easily adapts to rough terrain.

Large Tent Stability: The backwall X-frame gives the Flex Tent free-standing stability, and it also provides vertical structural strength. This makes even large tents very stable and rugged.

Doors: Small Flex Tents can have only one door. But the 10' x 8' and 12' x 10' can have two doors.